A Few of My Favorite Things are Songs

When I was a kid, I wanted to be Mary Poppins.  Who wouldn’t want to eat spoonfuls of sugar, sing endlessly, and be “practically perfect in every way?” I sewed my own Mary Poppins costume for Halloween and could even repeat “Supercalifrag…etc, etc…” backwards. 

 And then Mom let me stay up late to watch Sound of Music.  Suddenly, singing scales and yodeling seemed awfully wonderful.  My friends and I belted out “Do-Re-Mi” at the top of our lungs.  We felt quite proud when we could hit the high Ti-Do notes. 

 I admit it–I was (and still am) a Julie Andrews groupie.  Many of her solos bring back special memories, even into adulthood.  The year I taught at a difficult inner-city school, I frequently listened to “I Have Confidence” on the way to work.  The words…

 I will be firm but kind
And all those children
Heaven bless them
They will look up to me
And mind me
…gave me some courage to face each terrible day.

One of my favorite happy songs was (and still is) “My Favorite Things.”  I always get tickled at the part “when the bee stings,” because a friend and I always poked each other at that part, and he accidently stuck his finger up my nose one time. 

Actually, my favorite things aren’t kitten whiskers (which make me sneeze) or copper kettles (that have to be scrubbed).  Instead, I find I have an ever-changing list of favorites.   

Here are my favorite things (this week):

Sitting by the fireplace and blogging during the Oklahoma blizzard

1.  Sitting by the fire during an Oklahoma blizzard

2.  Reading about Regency England romance in “The Season” by Sarah MacLean

3.  Talking to my 80-year-old Grandma about outhouses

4.  Knocking out two more agent query letters (fresh and full of promise)

5.  Watching Lucy argue with Ricky about an expensive hat

 And finally…

 6.  Listening to (not reading, but listening to) Julie Andrews read her own biography Home: A Memoir of My Early Years.

What are your favorite things this week?  Does a song have a special place in your heart?  I think music is such a powerful force in our lives, and you writers will agree that the words are just as important.  Words set to music have power, create memories and change lives.


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7 responses to “A Few of My Favorite Things are Songs

  1. Glenda Carlile

    Amy, I enjoyed this so much. It is really fun and also informational. Thanks for including me.
    Glenda Carlile

  2. writerjgray

    Music is certainly one of my biggest inspirations to write. It always seems to draw out new ideas.

    Anyway, here are my favorite things this week:

    1. Asking my 11-month-old son to find Elmo and watching him crawl to his toy box, dig to find Elmo, pull him out, look at me and smile a big goofy smile.

    2. “Flaming Pie” by Paul McCartney

    3. First job interview in months

    4. “Writing Picture Books” by Ann Whitford Paul

    5. My brand new Rhyming Dictionary

    6. “Planet Earth” from BBC…If you haven’t seen it…WOW…Simply amazing!

    • Thank you so much for sharing! Congratulations on getting a job interview and on having such a cutie son. I’m not a poet, but I use my Scholastic Rhyming Dictionary at work a lot. We’re opening a new Children’s Zoo exhibt at the Oklahoma City Zoo–and all the animal I.D. signs rhyme and can be sung to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb (I’m so excited–I think it’s such a unique idea).

      Amy Dee Stephens
      “Words carry time and culture.”

  3. That fire looks wonderful. 🙂

    God Bless,

  4. I’m enjoying your blog, Amy. And I’m learning things about you. I didn’t know you had taught in an inner city school! Where? When? Just one year? Do tell!

    • My degree is in Elementary Education. I taught kindergarten at a private school, and 4th grade at an inner city school before I took my job as an educator at the zoo. Now, I get to teach all grades! I never had the opportunity, like you did, to settle into a grade and work out the kinks, though.
      Amy Dee Stephens
      “Words carry time and culture.”

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