My Mother is a Poet

My mother has supported my “writing habit” for years.  She always denied having the talent herself–but I knew it was there.  In 2009, I convinced (okay, maybe forced) her to submit some of her writing for publication, and Viola!, she’s had great success.  I’m very proud to acknolwedge her talent.  Here is her latest poem, published in the Jan/Feb 2010 issue of Christian Woman Magazine.   

God Created Loveliness

By Phyllis Davidson


God created color.

He loves it, as we do –

The reds, the greens, the purples

And every other hue.

He put them in the rainbow

And set them in the sky.

He buried them within the earth

Where miners dare to die.


God created beauty.

He likes a lovely scene –

A mountain, valley, waterfall

Or blooming field of green.

He set it on the young ones

Who need it at the start.

He buried it within the old

Of good and honest heart.


God created music.

He loves it, as do we.

In every woman, man and child

He tuned a middle C.

And music motivates us

To love, to work, to fight.

‘Tis said it soothes the savage beast

And fretful babes at night.

God created rhythm.

He loves consistency –

The days, the nights, the seasons

And tides within the sea.

He put it in our clapping hands

And in our tapping feet.

He wound the clock within our hearts,

A life-long, vital beat.


God created goodness.

He wants it for us all.

He gently offers, coaxes, pleads;

We’ve but to heed his call.

For goodness is essential.

To shun it leads to loss.

He sent it down inside his son;

We hung it on a cross.


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4 responses to “My Mother is a Poet

  1. Yvonne Lever

    Amy, I love this blog! I have just been talking to my co-workers about writing a romance novel – for fun and profit. Now I won’t be confined to heaving bosoms but will rifle through my word guide to find the mot just for my passionate heroine. Oh, I am getting warm just thinking about it. Bring it on!


    • Yvonne,
      You tickle me! You’ll be happy to know that passion and other intimate details comprise the largest chapter in the book. You’ll get equally warm just reading it 🙂 I had no idea you had a hidden author inside–is country life that boring (kidding)? You must tell me more.

      ~Amy Dee Stephens
      “Words carry time and culture.”

  2. That is a really nice poem. Your mom is indeed a poet. It’s interesting to me how writers breed writers. My mother was a good writer, and always encouraged me in my writing endeavors. And of course, I’m prejudiced, but I think all three of my kids are wonderful writers.

    • Yes, my mom has always been talented, but since I’ve been getting published, she’s finally started sending her work out, too. I think she raised me and my sister to be readers–and it took off from there.
      Amy Stephens
      “Words carry time and culture.”

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