Spring Conference for Writers & Illustrators

If you write or illustrate, you know that few people “speak your language.”  You may feel driven, but insecure about your talent.  You may feel happy, but lonely in your craft of solitude. 

The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) is an organization to recharge your batteries, assure yourself, and meet wonderful people who understand.

I’ve been member of SCBWI for about 4 years now.  Not only is it an amazing network of people who are making the same writing journey as myself, the conferences have given me exposure to professionals in the field. 

Each spring, top-name agents, (an) art director, and publishing editors fly to Oklahoma to speak on their craft.  They are also keeping a sharp lookout for promising authors and illustrators.  Attendees have the opportunity to submit their work for critique–a great way to get your work in their hands! 

This year’s conference on March 27th features:

*Amy Lennex, Editor, Sleeping Bear Press

*Kate Fletcher, Assoc Editor, Candlewick Press

*Greg Ferguson, Editor, Egmont USA

*Stephens Fraser, Agent, Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency

*Kerry Martin, Sr. Art Director, Clarion

I’m attaching the conference flyer if you are interested in more details, SCBWI Spring conference flyer pdf or visit www.scbwiok.org.     

If you’re serious about writing or illustrating, consider this conference your college crash course.  It has certainly increased my level of knowledge.  Also, I feel so connected to the attendees, who also  understand this strange drive I have to put ideas on paper.  

Please come!  I’ll be there running the book sales table, so visit and say “hi” if you attend.

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