5 More Things I Learned About Nancy Drew

 (Continued from previous post “Nancy Drew is 80!)

6.   Modernizing Nancy:  All books prior to 1956 have original text.  After that, text was revised to be more modern (no more high heels while sleuthing, different type of car, etc.). 

7.  Nancy Leaves the Country…: The first time Nancy traveled out of the United States, to Canada, was in the book Message in the Hollow Oak.

8.  …and Travels the World:  Collector Lea S. Fox owns over 3,500 Nancy Drew books—all foreign editions, in 27 languages.  The covers are sometimes drastically different than what we are used to seeing.  French children grew up with green-spine books, and the Swedish had red-spine books.

9.  Don’t Be Deceived by Ebay Photos:  Ebay has become an unreliable source for the serious collector.  Many sellers are using stock photos, so the condition may be quite different, or not reflect those important interior details (like endpapers and illustrations) that collectors discriminate between.

10.  Editor Secret Revealed:  One editor of the Nancy Drew series was hired under mysterious circumstances.  Many years and one lawsuit later—she discovered why.  Her first name was Nancy and she’d attended Drew University.

 Again–it’s not too late to read join the Web Conference, which is archived at http://www.nancydrewsleuth.com/2010webcon.html.  If you are a fan of series books, it will be nice nostalgic trip.

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