Playing Now: Oklahoma City Children’s Zoo

All articles found in the Spring 2010 edition of ZooSounds

Want a sneak peek of the latest multi-million dollar exhibit at the Oklahoma City Zoo?  You are in luck!  I have five articles that reveal everything from the names of the twelve new goats (all named after Oklahoma towns, like Gotebo and Oolagah) to that all important question, “Where’s the bathroom?”  

The greatest feature about the redesgined Children’s Zoo is that children can experience natural play in a forest, streambed or a backyard garden.  And the barnyard is filled with rare and endangered American livestock that kids can touch.  The entire exhibit is intended to put families back in touch with nature.  It will open to the public on March 12th.

New Children’s Zoo IntroVirtual Tour of Children’s ZooMeet the Stars of Children’s ZooFinding Your Way Around Children’s ZooIt Takes a Village to Raise a Children’s Zoo

One last note; I had the honor of helping write the animal I.D. signs for Children’s Zoo.  I’m particularly proud of the idea that each sign can be sung to the tune of “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” (although the staff may hate me after a few days ). Here’s a preview.  Go ahead and sing it out loud. 


Sheep flock together, as a rule.

Soft hair’s sheared off to make wool.

Moms are ewes, and Dads are rams.

Their favorite food is plants.

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