Who Am I? by Dr. Lonnie Melvin

My dear friend, Dr. Lonnie Melvin, just had her second book released.  Who Am I? is a guidebook of discovery for anyone who is seeking to understand their role and reactions in life.

New book written by my dear friend, Dr. Lonnie Melvin ~Amy

New book written by my dear friend, Dr. Lonnie Melvin ~Amy

Based on the premise that 50% of what we know is learned and 50% is inborn, Lonnie suggest that by arming ourselves with knowledge about what we can and can’t change—we have more power to choose our path.  Lonnie uses credible research and examples from her own life to help readers understand topics such as birth order, dysfunctional families, gender differences and embracing change. To quote Lonnie, “we can use those great gifts God has given us and use our brains to do the rest.”

I became friends with Lonnie over fifteen years ago when she was still a school principal.  We attended a conference at the Bronx Zoo that promoted the partnership between zoos and middle schools to improve student’s interest in science and inquiry learning.  During our two weeks together, we bonded while experiencing life in a dorm room at the “The Y,” a subway gang fight, different cultural food each night, a haunted restaurant, and many animal encounters at the zoo.

Amy, LuAnn and Lonnie in New York.

Amy, LuAnn and Lonnie in New York.

Lonnie now has multiple degrees in education, leadership and counseling. Her previous book, How to Keep Good Teachers and Principals, is a guidebook for keeping educators motivated, despite difficulties in school policies and changes in student learning. Who Am I? is now available from Dorrance Publishing.

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