I once read that “books are the carriers of civilization.” (B. Tuchman) This struck me as so profound, because every fleeting thought, memory or event that is not written down— is lost to the future.   

For this reason, I write.  In hopes that one more piece of the world’s rich heritage is preserved.  

To quote Susan Katz, “When I take a breath, I breathe time instead of air.”  I hope that when you read my work, you breathe time, too.  

                                    ~Amy Dee Stephens, Freelance Writer

WRITING SPECIALITIES: Special Event Coverage; Nature Writing; Historical Events; Celebrity Profiles; Zoo Newsletters; Biographies; Childrens; Young Adult; Gardening; Crafts

 Contact: amydeestephens@yahoo.com or visit me on Facebook

6 responses to “About

  1. Annette Duffy

    Congrats on all your success. I can say I knew you when! Blog is very interesting. how is your husband? All we Libri – ites worry about him. love, AD

    • Thanks–and great to hear from you! After a very scary few months, he came through miraculously (really!), and is in good spirits and healing well. I miss you, but glad to still get the updates from Sandi about meetings. Give them all my best.
      Amy Dee Stephens
      “Words carry time and culture.”

  2. Rhonda

    Thank you so much for speaking with us today at the Oklahoma City Writers’ meeting. On the way home, I figured out why I feel like I know you–I think it’s a soul connection. Could you recommend some books or authors that you like to read? I like Christian historical fiction, especially Jane Kirkpatrick, as well as other history and non-fiction. I’m not naive (used to be a high school counselor) but I don’t like to read really raw stuff. Thanks, again, for your time on a busy day with 7 birthday parties at the zoo!

    • Rhonda–so nice to hear from you. I enjoyed sharing my magazine-writing story, although I hope I conveyed that this is an attainable avenue for all writers. Truthfully, I’m reading very little adult literature these days. I enjoy Christian historical fiction, but am mostly reading non-fiction (related to my articles) and young adult books of all types (as I’m working on my own novel in this genre). I’ve been enjoying books by Shannon Hale, YA award-winner for “Princess Academy,” but also author of “Austenland,” an adult series about a realtiy trip into the life of Jane Austen. ~Amy Dee Stephens

  3. I saved your Zoo Sounds article about prairie chickens and added the link to Delicious.com then recognized you from the LOC Primary Source workshop. I am following your blog now! I was at the zoo recently and thought of you. hope you are well!

    • Wonderful to hear from you! We’re actually holding another LOC Primary Source workshop at the zoo this week! Funny timing. Thanks for following–prairie chicken numbers are up this year. Amy

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