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Carrie Underwood Cover

Carrie Underwood Cover Story


Gold That Keeps Giving: Olympic Swimmer (Outlook Magazine, Aug 2020) Gold that Keeps Giving – Outlook – Edmond and North OKC Oklahoma Magazine (

TVs Rachel Cannon: From LA to Edmond (Outlook Magazine May 2020)

Travis Borsen: To Treat or Train, TV Dog Training Host (Outlook Magazine, July 2019)

Restore and Revive: HGTV Show Hosts (Outlook Magazine, Sept 2018)

Music Group Horseshoe Road Visits China (Outlook Magazine, Nov 2017)

Darci Farmer Wins America’s Got Talent (Cover Story, Outlook Magazine, August 2017)

Sandi Patty, Gospel Singer, Farewell Tour (Outlook Magazine, May 2016)

Children’s Band: Spaghetti Eddie (Outlook Magazine, April 2016)

Pat Becker, Actress and Host of Dog Talk Television (Outlook Magazine, March 2016)

Joel Sartore, Nat Geo Photographer Saving Animals (Outlook Magazine, Nov 2015)

*Oklahoma’s Space Pioneers (Outlook May 2015)

Twice US Top Gymnast, Michael Squires (Outlook Magazine, Dec 2014)

Tap Dancer Christopher Rice (Outlook Magazine, January 2014)

Reba McEntire–Oklahoma’s Rose (Distinctly Oklahoma, Sept 2009) Reba McEntire magazine scan Reba McEntire; Oklahoma Rose, Text Only

I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas by Singer Gayla Peevey (Outlook Magazine, Outlook Magazine, December 2014)

*Singer Gayla Peevey Gets a Hippo for Christmas

Gayla Peevey Henderson. Photo by Lisa Lee.

Gayla Peevey Henderson. Photo by Lisa Lee.

(ZooSounds, Fall 2011)

*Smart, Funny Life of Megyn Price (Distinctly Oklahoma, July 2010 Cover Story), Megyn Price, Text Only

Reba McEntire, Cover story

Carolyn Hart, Oklahoma’s Agatha Christie Carolyn Hart, text only  (Distinctly Oklahoman, December 2009)

*Fly Me to the Moon, Okla Astronauts  Oklahoma Astronauts, text only (Distinctly Oklahoman, August 2009)

*Kristen Chenoweth Cover Story, (Distinctly Oklahoma, May 2009), *Kristin Chenoweth, Text Only

*From Presidents to Pyramids: The Whirlwind Opera of Leona Mitchell, (Distinctly Oklahoma, Dec 08) Leona Mitchell, Text Only

*Carrie Underwood Cover Story (Distinctly Oklahoma Cover Story, Nov 08),  *Carrie Underwood, Text Only

Leona Sings

Leona Mitchell, Photo by Amy Dee Stephens

Jimbo Elrod – Sports Animal!   (Archived/Departments/November 2008 Departments)

*Legacy-Stephens[1] The Voice of a King (Martin Luther King)   Legacy Magazine May/June 2008.    Awarded 2008 Outstanding Written Article by the National Association for Interpretation

TALENTED ARTISANS (Music, Film, Fine Art, Writing)

Egg-Cellent Past Time: Egg Artist (Outlook Magazine, Dec 2020) An Egg-cellent Pastime – Outlook – Edmond and North OKC Oklahoma Magazine (

The Smell of Leather: Bret Collier (Outlook Magazine, Nov 2020) The Smell of Leather – Outlook – Edmond and North OKC Oklahoma Magazine (

Love Locks: Key to My Heart Statue by Zonly Looman (Outlook Magazine, July 2020) Love Locks – Outlook – Edmond and North OKC Oklahoma Magazine (

Music, Movies and M&Ms: Jay Wadley (Outlook Magazine, Aug 2019)

Edmond’s Art & Sculpture Caretaker (Outlook Magazine, Aug 2019)

Jewelry and Jems: Oklahoma Style Jewelry at Silver Leaf Gems (Outlook Magazine, July 2019)

Art, Ink and the Open Road: Traveling Tattoo Artist (Cover Story, Outlook Magazine, Feb 2019)

“Just Playing” Poem Celebrates 45 Years (Outlook Magazine, Feb 2019)

Music for the Thresholds of Life (Outlook Magazine, Nov 2018)

Passion for Fashion: Designer Ivan Caro (Cover Story, Outlook Magazine, Sept 2018)

Magic Max: Magician Max Krause (Outlook Magazine, Sept 2018)

Our History in Bronze: Mary Lou Gresham (Outlook Magazine, Sept 2018)

Mallory and Daniel Eagle: A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit EDM (Outlook Magazine cover, Aug 2018)

Daniel Nayeri: New York Publisher Charmed by Edmond (Outlook Magazine, Aug 2018)

Steve Boaldin Cowboy Art: Rancher, Roper, Painter (July 2018)

Gathan Graham: Playing Piano for Presidents and Residents (Outlook Magazine, July 2018)

Joel Levine: Conducting Creativity (Outlook Magazine, May 2018)

Bill Howard as Pokey the Puppet (Outlook Magazine, Apr 2018)

The Skit Guys Comedy Duo, Messages of Faith (Outlook Magazine, Feb 2018)

Former Mayor Patrice Douglas on HGTV Beach Hunters Episode (Outlook Magazine, Feb 2018)

Gayla Peevey’s Classic Hippo Song (Outlook Magazine, Dec 2017)

Teen Katie Prior Organizes a Taps Corp for Veteran Funerals (Outlook Magazine, Nov 2017)

Mike Wimmer, Portrait of a Painter (Outlook Magazine, Feb 2017)

Conducting Excellence, Windsong Chamber Choir (Outlook Magazine, Sept 2016)

Sculpting Wild, Bronze Artist Tom Tischler (Outlook Magazine, Aug 2016)

Oklahoma Author publishes “Tiny Stiches: The Life of Medical Pioneer Vivien Thomas” (Outlook Magazine, June 2016)

Lampstand Media, Making Films to Promote Water for African Communities (Outlook Magazine, Feb 2016)

Oklahoma Superhero Movie “Posthuman” (Outlook Magazine, Mar 2015)

Hollywood Producer Joins Oklahoma Film and Movie Office (Outlook Magazine, Aug 2015)

On the Air with DJ Scotty Brink (Outlook Magazine, June 2015)

Children’s Books About 5 Famous Oklahomans (Outlook Magazine, Dec 2015)

Bryan Crump, Body Artist (Outlook Magazine Cover Story, Oct 2014)

*Comic Book Artist, Jerry Bennett (Outlook Magazine Cover Story, Nov 2014

Russian National Ballet Theater at Armstrong Auditorium (Outlook Magazine, Dec 2014)



My great grandparents  in 1921.

Happy the Blue Hippo (Outlook Magazine, Dec 2020) Happy, The Blue Hippo – Outlook – Edmond and North OKC Oklahoma Magazine (

Furniture Rescuer: Jay Tracy (Outlook Magazine, Nov 2020) Furniture Rescuer – Outlook – Edmond and North OKC Oklahoma Magazine (

Bringing History to Life: Shari Carney, Historical Interpretation  (Outlook Magazine, Oct 2020) Bringing History to Life – Outlook – Edmond and North OKC Oklahoma Magazine (

The ‘Business’ of Bedpans: Bedpan Collector (Outlook Magazine, Oct 2020) The ‘Business’ of Bedpans – Outlook – Edmond and North OKC Oklahoma Magazine (

Saving the Little Old Houses: David Chapman (Outlook Magazine, Sept 2020) Saving The Little Old Houses – Outlook – Edmond and North OKC Oklahoma Magazine (

Heavenly Oversight: Edmond’s Gower Cemetery (Outlook Magazine, Aug 2020) Heavenly Oversight – Outlook – Edmond and North OKC Oklahoma Magazine (

Every Town Has a Past: Edmond’s Black Settlers (Outlook Magazine, July 2020)  Every Town Has a Past – Outlook – Edmond and North OKC Oklahoma Magazine (

Tribute to the Setting Sun: Edmond Sun Newspaper (Outlook Magazine, June 2020) A Tribute to the Setting Sun – Outlook – Edmond and North OKC Oklahoma Magazine (

Architectural Milestone Reborn: Hopewell Teepee Church by Bruce Goff (Outlook Magazine, Aug 2019)

Heflin’s Mission Control: Oklahoma at Space Mission (Outlook Magazine, Aug 2019)

Edmond’s Disappearing Circus (Outlook Magazine, June 2019)

Half Prairie, Half Forest: Edmond’s Cross Timbers (Outlook Magazine, Mar 2019)

The Bells of Edmond (Outlook Magazine, Jan 2019)

Precious Fabric of History: Textile Conservator, Anne Murray Chilton (Outlook Magazine, Oct 2018)

Their Dominion: Dominion House in Guthrie (Outlook Magazine, Oct 2018) 

War Relics from the Attic: Purple Heart’s WWII Treasures (Outlook Magazine, July 2018)

Reborn Barn in Edmond (Outlook Magazine, May 2018)

Dale Ingram, Collector of Oklahoma Historic Sheet Music (Outlook Magazine, Jan 2018)

*500 Year Musical Mystery (Outlook Magazine, April 2014)



Shayla Waddell, Spring Car Racer

Profiles on individuals who are outstanding in their field; from competitors to politicians.

Focused Flying Ace: WWII Ace Chuck DeBellevue (Outlook Magazine, Nov 2020) The Focused Flying Ace – Outlook – Edmond and North OKC Oklahoma Magazine (

Still Movin’ and Groovin’ at 100: Betty Windsor (Outlook Magazine, Nov 2020) Still Movin’ and Groovin’ at 100 – Outlook – Edmond and North OKC Oklahoma Magazine (

Blue Star Mothers of Edmond (Outlook Magazine, Sept 2020) Blue Star Mothers – Outlook – Edmond and North OKC Oklahoma Magazine (

Stitching Family Stories: Quilt Restoration by Martha Sparks (Outlook Magazine, Sept 2020) Stitching Family Stories – Outlook – Edmond and North OKC Oklahoma Magazine (

Moms Helping Moms: Ally Myers (Outlook Magazine, Aug 2020) Moms Helping Moms – Outlook – Edmond and North OKC Oklahoma Magazine (

Sandwiches with Love: Feeding the Homeless (Outlook Magazine, Aug 2020) Sandwiches with Love – Outlook – Edmond and North OKC Oklahoma Magazine (

Falconer, Dr. Lauren, in Russia (Cover Story, Outlook Magazine, June 2020) Dr. Lauren and Birds of Prey – Outlook – Edmond and North OKC Oklahoma Magazine (

The Bowler and the Builder (Outlook Magazine, June 2020)                                          The Bowler and the Builder – Outlook – Edmond and North OKC Oklahoma Magazine (

Three X Three X Three: Moms with Kids (Outlook Magazine, July 2019)

A View From Above: Paragliding (Cover Story, Outlook Magazine, June 2019)

Noah and Analise: Partners in Progress (Outlook Magazine, May 2019)

The Dramatic Librarian (Outlook Magazine, April 2019)

Turning Loss Into A Win: Hearing Loss  (Outlook Magazine, March 2019)

Paul’s Change of Heart (Outlook Magazine, Feb 2019)

The Decade Doctors: Larson Keson and Phillip Walker (Outlook Magazine, Jan 2019)

Veteran Hall Duncan (Outlook Magazine, Jan 2019)

Vision of an Eye Researcher (Outlook Magazine, Jan 2019)

Heart for Our Companions: Central Ok Humane Society (Outlook Magazine, Dec 2018)

Holiday Hero to the Homeless (Outlook Magazine, Dec 2018)

Sweet Success: Food Network’s Christmas Cookie Challenge (Cover Story, Outlook Magazine, Nov 2018)

Ava’s Mini Mission: Plastic Bag Blankets (Outlook Magazine, Nov 2018)

Homeless No More: Linda Short (Outlook Magazine, Nov 2018)

A Very Fishy Business: Aquarist (Cover Story, Outlook Magazine, Oct 2018)

Training Ninja-Warrior Style (Outlook Magazine, Sept 2018) 

The Secret Life of a Mystery Shopper (Outlook Magazine, Sept 2018)

Bailey Gregg: Little Cowgirl on the Prairie (Outlook Magazine, Aug 2018)

Indigo Acres Organic Farm (Outlook Magazine, June 2018)

Everett’s Herbs, Student Grows in Own Greenhouse (Outlook Magazine, May 2018)

Mimi and Cleo Kinship at 105 (Outlook Magazine, Apr 2018)

My Streetcar Tour of America: Aaron Adams Builds OKC Streetcar (Outlook Magazine cover, Apr 2018)

Thurman David: “Building” Friendships (Outlook Magazine, Mar 2018)

Three Santa Fe High School Students Score Perfect on their ACTs (Outlook Magazine, Feb 2018)

Neil Garrison Retired Naturalist from Martin Park Nature Center (Outlook Magazine, Jan 2018)

Original Comic Book Art Collector, James Siegel (Outlook Magazine, Jan 2017)

Timeless Toy Car Collector (Outlook Magazine, Dec 2017)

Hiker, Quentin Toby (Outlook Magazine, Dec 2017)

Football Brothers: Brothers By Choice (Cover Article, Outlook Magazine, Oct 2017)

Couple Films Hurricanes for the Weather Channel (Outlook Magazine, Oct 2017)

Living One-Handed in a Two-Handed World (Outlook Magazine, Oct 2017)

Family Our Way, Firefighter Family Adopts 8 Children (Outlook Magazine Cover Story, Nov 2016)

Mom of a Medalist, Olympic Swimmer David Plummer (Outlook Magazine, Sept 2016)

Miss Oklahoma Pageant Contenders (Outlook Magazine Cover Story, July 2016)

Michael Mandanas: Teen Allergy Activist (Outlook Magazine, May 2016)

Teen Creek Crusaders Work with Blue Thumb to Produce Books (Outlook Magazine, March 2016)

Local Cage Fighters (Outlook Magazine Cover Story, Jan 2015)

Diabetic Teenager Helps Others (Outlook Magazine, Nov 2015)

Sarah McLean Provides Post-Breast Cancer Care (Outlook Magazine, Oct 2015)

16-Yr-Old Wins at Intl Chemistry Olympiad (Outlook Magazine, Sept 2015)

Lung Donor Breathes Life Into Young Lady (Outlook Magazine Cover Story, Mar 2015)

Couple Builds a Tiny House (Outlook Magazine Cover Story, Mar 2015)

High School Twins Overcome Tragedy (Outlook Magazine, Mar 2015)

Goats Hired to Mow Lake Hefner (Outlook Magazine, Feb 2015)

Elizabeth Skala’s Essence of Nature (Outlook Magazine, September 2014)


Artist Jerry Bennett cover story

New Year, New You: Kerry Robertson, Randall Green, Ruth Rickey, Steve Scott (Distinctly Oklahoma, Jan 2011) New Year New You

*Driven to Drive: Teen Race Car Driver, Shayla Waddell (Distinctly Oklahoma, July 2010)

Five Women Who Mean “Big Business”  (Features/December 2009 Features)

Mayor John Tyler Hammons, Prevailing Young Politician
(Archived/Features/September 2009 Features)

Teacher of the Year “Sparks” Student Success
(Archived/Departments/May 2009 Departments)

Linda Ross, Alzheimer Association (The Silver Files, Spring 09)   Article 1: Silver Tsunami Preventative Care; 2 Selecting an Alzheimer’s Care Facility; 3 Preparing Families Ahead of Time.

Fire Chief Keith Bryant, Home Grown Hero  (Distinctly Oklahoma, March 08)

Dr. Jordan Tang Discovers Alzheimer Vaccine (Distinctly Oklahoma, Feb 08)  Dr. Jordan TZoosounds Zoe Coverang  


Articles about the Oklahoma City Zoo; its animals, exhibits and fans.

Joe Branham: My Life with Reptiles (Outlook Magazine, Mar 2018)

Zoo History Treasure Hunter Blog: Civilian Conservation Corp Builds the Zoo (OKC Zoo blog, 2017)

Zoo History Treasure Hunter Blog: Elephants Everywhere (OKC Zoo blog, Aug 2017)

*Zoo History Treasure Hunter Blog: Your Journey Begins (OKC Zoo blog, May 2017)

Bronze Creatures of the Zoo, Art Statues (OKC Zoo blog, Jul 2017)

Oh Baby! Cute Baby Zoo Animals (Outlook Magazine, Cover Story, Jan 2015)


Zoo Keeper Chats article How Zookeepers Give a “Message in a Minute” (ZooSounds, Summer 2012)

Ree Drummond at Zoo article  Charlie the Ranch Dog Featured at Read Across Oklahoma (ZooSounds, Spring 2012)

Malee’s First Birthday article Baby Elephant (ZooSounds, Spring 2012)

Rex Trek, Male Elephant article (ZooSounds, Spring 2012)

Frogs, Island Treasures article (ZooSounds, Summer 2012)

Butterfly Conservation (ZooSounds, Spring 2011)

Virtual Tour of Children’s Zoo  (ZooSounds Spring 10)

Meet the Stars of Children’s Zoo  (ZooSounds Spring 10)

Finding Your Way Around Children’s Zoo (ZooSounds Spring 10)

It Takes a Village to Raise a Children’s Zoo  (ZooSounds Spring 10)

Children’s Zoo Playing this March (Distinctly Oklahoma, Mar 2010)

Zoe: One Cute and Sassy Chimp (ZooSounds Fall 09) Zoe One Sassy Chimp

If  These Walls Could Talk (ZooSounds, Fall 09) Zoo History Museum

Elephant Babies Require a Ton of Waiting (Zoosounds, Winter 09) Elephants

It’s All Happen at the Zoo in Spring (Distinctly Oklahoma, April 09)book cover front 2014

Oklahoma City Elephants Visit Tulsa (Distinctly Oklahoma, Sept 08)

Zoo’s EnDEERing Beginning in 1902  OKC Zoo Begins (Distinctly Oklahoma, Jan 2008)

How the Oklahoma City Zoo Started (Outdoor Oklahoma, Mar/April 05) It Started with a Deer


Local events of interest to the community.

Project 66: Edmond’s Food Support (Outlook Magazine, May 2019)

Cricket Companionship: International Cricket League (Outlook Magazine April 2019)

Fostering Better Outcomes: Angel Foster Family Network (Outlook Magazine, April 2019)

Pine Pantry (Outlook Magazine, March 2019)

Consumer Queen’s Royal Savings (Outlook Magazine, Feb 2019)

ABCs of Safe Sleep: Shepard’s Watch (Outlook Magazine, Aug 2018)

Dishing Up Friendship: Friends Collect Dishware (Outlook Magazine, July 2018)

Office Dogs (Outlook Magazine cover, July 2018)

Okies for Monarchs (Outlook Magazine, Apr 2018)

Little Free Libraries: Take a Book, Leave a Book (Outlook Magazine, cover Mar 2018)

Cyber Seniors (Outlook Magazine, Mar 2018)

Veteran Service Dog (Outlook Magazine, Dec 2017)

Surviving Life’s Storm Through Storm Inc. (Outlook Magazine, November 2017)

Santa Fe Teenager Starts Homeless Help Club (Outlook Magazine, Nov 2017)

Watch Dogs, Dad Volunteers in School (Outlook Magazine, Oct 2017)

The Caleb Effect (Outlook Magazine, Sept 2017)

Kid’s Place, Grief Support (Outlook Magazine, Nov 2015)

International Students Program at UCO (Outlook Magazine, Nov 2014)

Mothers on the Mend, Remerge Program (Outlook Magazine, Oct 2014)

Escape OKC, Mystery Experience (Outlook Magazine, Oct 2014)

Gymboree Play and Music Center (Outlook Magazine, Oct 2014)

*Farrah Love Sinclair (Outlook Magazine Cover Story, July 2014)

Life Change Ballroom (Outlook Magazine, July 2014)

Pigs Helping Autistic Kids (Outlook Magazine, May 2014)

Golden Dragons; Senior Boating Team (Outlook Magazine, May 2014)

The House That Debbie Built (Outlook Magazine, February 2014)

*A Star Studded Cast of Hollywood Costumes


Source: Oklahoma City Museum of Art webpage at

(Distinctly Oklahoma Feature/June 2010)

The Great Promoters: Mary Ellen Meredith, Heather Buckmaster, Rhonda Hooper, Susan McCalmont (Distinctly Oklahoma , Nov 2010) Great Promoters

Passion for Community is Big Business: Deidre Ebrey, Kanela Huff, Mary Blankenship Pointer, Jennifer Houchins (Dinstinctly Oklahoma, Oct 2010) Big Business

*Extreme Makeover Filmed in Oklahoma (Outlook Magazine, March 2010)

Night Sprints; Oklahoma City Rowing (Distinctly Oklahoma, September 08)

Council for Educational Travel, Oklahoma (Distinctly Oklahoma, Mar 2010)

Junior Cotillion – Reclaiming Manners for Teenagers
(Archived/Features/June 08 Features)

Anna Raybourn; Award-winning equestrian (Distinctly Oklahoma, May 08) Anna Raybourn’s Horses

Oklahoma’s Western Avenue Antique Stores (Distinctly Oklahoma, April 08)     


Photo by Amy Dee Stephens

Includes plant guides, wildlife-friendly gardening, and nature projects for beginning and advanced gardeners

Where the Wild Things Grow  (ZooSounds, Summer 2010)

“Bee” Kind to Bees

Butterfly Garden Basics ://

Create a Five Star Butterfly Restaurant

Open Your Own “Caterpillar Hotel”

Toad-ally Get Rid of Garden Pests

Glory in the Morning

Living with Hens and Chicks (Succulent Plants)

A Fine Time for Columbine

True-Blue Hues for You        


Ruth Rickey

Photo by Justin Brotton


Marshal Hawkins Sundance Photography, Wedding Stories (Outlook Magazine, Feb 2018)

Sabih Kalidy, Business Man Behind Kalidy Real Estate (Outlook Magazine, Jan 2018)

Dogs Sniff for Safety (Outlook Magazine, Dec 2015)

Keystone Adventure School (Outlook Magazine, Aug 2015)

Coffee Creek Church (Outlook Magazine, Mar 2015)

Back40 Design Wins Small Business of the Year (Outlook Magazine, Feb 2015)

China Healing Massage (Outlook Magazine, Feb 2015)

Dr. Garzon, Pediatric Dentist (Outlook Magazine, Jan 2015)

One Focus Medical (Outlook Magazine, September 2014)

Master Kim’s Tae Kwon Do (Outlook Magazine, August 2014)

Harris Automotive (Outlook Magazine, June 2014)

Oklahoma TMJ and Sleep Clinic (Outlook Magazine, April 2014)

Memorial Road Church of Christ (Outlook Magazine, March 2014)

Edmond’s Visiting Vet (Outlook Magazine, February 2014)

New Image Dentistry (Outlook Magazine, February 2014)


Adult and child-friendly project that can be made easily from natural materials.

Scent-sational Projects with Lavender

The Toad Abode

Holiday Crafts with Sweetgum Pods

Seed-son Greeting from Your Garden!

Spooky Sweetgum Halloween Crafts

East Holiday Wreaths

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