Praise for Amy’s Writing

Amy and her mom with Leona Mitchell at the Windsong Christmas Concert

Thank you so much for the fantastic article.  I must say that you really captured my spirit and wrote the article so tastefully as well.  It was great to do this project with such a talented writer [who] quickly understood my personality.   ~Leona Mitchell, International Opera Singer

Amy’s clear writing style artfully balanced academic research with descriptive, imaginative prose.  I was connected intellectually AND emotionally…and was so completely mesmerized by it.  ~Kelly Farrell, Arkansas State Parks

Amy and Kristin Chenoweth at her book signing for “Little Bit Wicked.” Photo by Justin Avera.

“Thank you for being true to me.” ~ Kristin Chenoweth, Actress and Singer (Regarding Kristen Chenoweth: From Oz to Opera, profile story in Distinctly Oklahoma , May 2009)

“Amy Dee Stephens wrote the best article I’ve ever read about a celebrity—and it’s so true!  I laughed and almost cried at the sincerity of it.”  ~Laurie Banton, Author

Amy Stephens has written a variety of articles for distinctly OKLAHOMA magazine. On some stories, she has done thorough research and developed the story on her own; on others, she has followed our direction and crafted the story exactly as we had imagined. We have received many rave reviews for Amy’s writing, including stories about Leona Mitchell, Carrie Underwood, Kristin Chenoweth and William Bernhardt; as well as local teachers, the Oklahoma River, and the Oklahoma City Zoo. We consider Amy one of our most talented writers, and a joy to work with.  ~Judy Brotton, Editor, Distinctly Oklahoma Magazine

 “Of the more than 1,200 home-gardening articles we’ve published on, Amy’s are some of our favorites. Her lighthearted tone and refreshing writing style make whatever topic Amy’s writing about fun to learn — and a joy to read. Just as her articles are highly rated by our audience, Amy’s reliability, personality and talent make her a highly rated author by our Learn2Grow editors.”

 “I feel your story is by far the best that has ever been written about my books and I am very appreciative.  You are a superb writer.”   ~Carolyn Hart, Best-selling Mystery Author

We are so thankful for your gift of writing and your willingness to share stories of great Oklahomans.   ~Jeanise Morton, President Windsong Chamber Choir

I began skimming, but in the first paragraph I realized this would not be a skimming piece—the writer had me.   ~Jay S. Miller, Arkansas State Parks

I read the articles on your blog today.  All the articles.  One right after the other.  You are an amazing author!  You’re an extremely talented nonfiction writer.  You know how to focus in on the exact details that readers want to know and you pull every drop of emotion out of those details.  ~Jane McKellips, Children’s Writer

I cannot express my appreciation enough for your beautiful writing in this article.  It was a pleasure to talk with you, and you really expressed my intent so well.  ~Breck McGough, Musician

Amy’s work leaves me feeling like I just listened to a good friend tell me a story in her own unpretentious, everyday conversational sort of way.  She is a master at using symbolism to tie the beginning, middle, and end of a piece together in a most subtle and ingenious fashion.  Her style makes me want to skip ahead to see what’s she’s up to next, yet, I don’t dare spoil the surprise, because I know I will be ultimately delighted!   I feel as though I could totally expect to look up from the page, feeling informed, even transformed, and always satisfied, and see Amy sitting across the table from me with a cup of tea and a contented smile upon her face! ~Shelly Waddell, Federal Aviation Adminstration

I got my issue of the latest ZooSounds and wanted to give you extreme kudos.  This issue was my favorite and really threaded together a story…The stories were so impactful and I loved how every page encompassed some part of the theme.  Really a remarkable job.  ~Michael Myers, National Museum of Cowboy and Western Heritage

You are the BEST (seriously).  I’m glad I asked you to edit my book. All of your comments/corrections were critical. But your insight into the character’s thoughts, actions, and abilities was extraordinary. (Maybe  better than the author’s, which is scary.) So, thanks for such a great effort. Your expertise and dedication to another person’s project is worth many times what you charged.  ~Jimmy Kelley, Author

Writing Clients/Experience

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Exodus Surgical Sales, LLC

Heritage Preservation (Washington DC)

Oklahoma City Zoological and Botanical Garden

Oklahoma City Zoological Society

Oklahoma City Public School System

Oklahoma Air Space Museum

Cellxion Cellular Company

Windsong Chamber Choir

American Society of Plant Biologists

Oklahoma Registrars Association

Gwendolyn Hooks, Author

Oklahoma City Metropolitan Chapters of The National League of Junior Cotillions and The International League of Corporate Cotillions

Carey Sue Vega, Etiquette Expert

Jimmy Kelley, Author

Publication Credits

Book: Oklahoma City Zoo; 1902-1959, Arcadia Publishing c 2006

Book: Oklahoma City Now and Then, Terrell Creative, c 2004

Distinctly Oklahoma Magazine, staff writer

Outdoor Oklahoma Magazine

Outlook Magazine, staff writer

ZooSounds, Oklahoma City Zoo Members Publication

Legacy Magazine

The Silver Files

Raleigh Gardening

The Eades Family Chronicles

Edmond Outlook

The American Society of Plant Biologists

National Association for Interpretation

Writing Awards

2008 Outstanding Written Article, National Association for Interpretation

The Voice of a King, Legacy Magazine

2006 Mazie Cox Reid Column Award, Oklahoma Writer’s Federation, Inc.

Zoo Enrichment Newsletter

2006 Outstanding Publication, Oklahoma Museum Association,

Oklahoma City Zoo Now and Then, book

2005 Mazie Cox Reid Column Award, Oklahoma Writer’s Federation, Inc.

Presented Writing Workshops For:

William Bernhart’s Short Course on Writing at Rose State College

Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Fall Conference

Oklahoma Museum Association State Conference

National Association for Interpretation Regional Conference

2 responses to “Credits

  1. If you haven’t read any of Amy’s work, you should. Her writing is very much like Amy in real life. Your not getting someone writing to impress but she impresses readers because she is real and caring and that shows through in her writing. A long with being a co worker I consider Amy a friend. She is always very supportive in good times and even in bad and always easy to talk to and I really appreciate her for that. So if you read Amy’s work and you see a caring, thoughtful, bright, fun, educated in what she is writing about and a lot of other things, to many to list, it’s not just her writing, it’s the real person also.

    • Cliff,
      Well, why are you making me cry? Thank you so much for such a kind comment. It just means the world to me, and I cherish it deeply. I’m lucky to work with such a thoughtful and encouraging friend.
      With deep appreciation,

      Amy Dee Stephens
      “Words carry time and culture.”

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