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Interview with Actress, Megyn Price

Actress, Megyn Price, currently stars on the television comedy show Rules of Engagement.  It’s her job to act adolescent, and she finds it to be “as fun as it looks.” 

Megyn Price. Photo by Russell Baer.

Her acting career has mainly consisted of humorous roles; from appearances in The Drew Carey Show to the movie, Larry The Cable Guy: Health Inspector

So most people are surprised to learn that she has a finance degree from Standford.  Megyn may be a brilliant mathematician, but she finds more satisfaction in acting silly, playing practical jokes, and watching blooper shows.    

During our interview, it became clear that her quick wit is a natural gift, not just read from a script.  Her punchy remarks left me laughing through most of the interview.  I mean, who says, “I want to eat my child because she’s so delicious”? or “When people mess up on the set, it’s like pure joy—it makes me so happy!”       

Here’s an Oklahoma farm girl, living in L.A. and trying to find a place that sells sheep milk so she can make her own cheese.  (“I know, it’s not very glamorous, but I love it.”).

Don’t look for pictures of her at a sleazy bar.  So far, one of the few photos the paparazzi have managed to capture of Megyn is when she bought carrots at the Farmer’s market.  (“Oh well, enjoy that, People magazine!”)

Instead of telling me about the movie stars and ball gowns in her life, she talked about the time June bugs got into her car and scared her to death.  (“I almost jumped out of the car.  It was like the Amityville horror!”)      

Maybe sheep, carrots and bugs are the very reasons she comes across as a real person. 

“I’m a human being outside of being an actress, and that’s much more fun to work with than the person who says, ‘I’m your acting poppet, I’ll say whatever you want me to say.’”

Truly, if our one-hour conversation was any indication—she was serious when she said, “I’d rather stay home and garden, thank you very much, than work with people with big egos and bad behavior.”

If you haven’t seen Megyn in acting action, check out an episode of Rules of Engagement at 7:30 on Monday night on CBS.  If you want to learn more about her journey to Hollywood, her amazing optimism, and how opposite her real marriage is from the one she portrays on television, read my cover article.  http://distinctlyoklahoma.com/content/view/629/9/      

 P.S. I want to give Megyn’s mom a shout-out.  She’s an avid reader of Distinctly Oklahoma magazine—and was excited to hear that her daughter would be on the cover.  Hope you enjoy!


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Backstory on the Extreme Ranch Makeover

Did you watch the Extreme Makeover episode on March 14th?  It was the Skaggs makeover in Oklahoma—the one where I stood in the cold for three days to cover the story (as mentioned in a previous posting).  

Celebrities with the Skaggs Family. Photo by Amy Dee Stephens

Well, the Distinctly Oklahoma magazine article on the interior design just came out, and here’s the backstory on that!  The ABC network was very secretive on what the house’s inside looked like.  For obvious reasons, they didn’t want word leaked until the show aired.  As a media representative, I wasn’t allowed inside at all.  And the story about the interior couldn’t run until the show aired, either.   http://distinctlyoklahoma.com/content/view/586/9/ 

So, standing outside for three days only netted me three things:  chills, pictures of exterior construction, and tidbits from volunteers.  A nice ABC representative named Rachel took pity on me, and I got an exclusive story with Jillian Harris, the guest celebrity designer from The Bachelorette.  (Still trying to sell that story, because it was a lovely and emotional interview about the value of volunteering, with a little bit thrown in about fashion and her fiancé).  

How To Write About a House You’ve Never Seen 

I wouldn’t trade the experience of watching the Skaggs’ reaction at seeing their new ranch-style house during the “Move That Bus” sequence.  BUT, I still had a story to write, about the interior of a house—which I’d never seen.  The volunteers who had been inside the house could only give me pieces of information like, “I painted the chair,” or “I was in charge of sweeping the floor.”  Not the exposé bits I needed. 

Amy at the job site

Just days before my deadline, I knew only that the house was decorated in ranch style and that some teal accents were used.  Still not enough.  

Then, several things fell into place.  First, I got a TOP SECRET disc of interior photographs taken by an Ideal Homes photographer.  I was sworn to secrecy by Steve and the marketing team that these would not be revealed prior to the show’s air date.  Continue reading

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