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Our Christmas Turtle Miracle

turtle 1Since March, we’ve been caretakers of a 2-inch Mississippi Map Turtle, creatively named Turtle. He lives in a fish tank and has had a variety of fish/tadpole/snail roommates (largely depending on what the boys find in the creek).

Holiday or not, Christmas Day was tank-cleaning day. It was too cold to put Turtle in a tub in the backyard for some sun and exercise. We set the turtle on the kitchen floor to walk around as I finished cleaning the tank and Mike finished a project. Bad idea. Within minutes, that speedy little guy had zipped off to somewhere unknown.

How hard could it be to find a turtle on the run? We scanned every wall, moved furniture, shined a flashlight under every piece of furniture and behind every household appliance. Knowing that the turtle couldn’t get out of the house, we left for the Stephen’s Christmas dinner.

Turtle (1)That evening, we repeated our turtle hunt to no avail. Feeling like terrible pet owners, we set a space heater and a tray of water on the kitchen floor in hopes that he would seek the water and warmth overnight. No turtle. So the next morning, the deep cleaning began–which included pulling out furniture, clearing the closets, more flashlight tours, and taking apart the boys’ bedroom. No turtle.

Our kids, grandkids and Brayden’s new puppy arrived to open presents. Everyone had strict instructions to “watch where you step and watch for Turtle.” Cooper said, dramatically, “We need to find Turtle. We need a Christmas miracle.” Leah said, “Maybe he’ll be one of the presents under the tree.”

Sure enough, at the end of the evening, as everyone was chatting and preparing to leave, Chris said, “Amy Dee, is that your turtle?” He pointed to the floor beneath the Christmas tree. Crawling out from under the tree skirt—was Turtle!

Cooper jumped up and said, “It’s a Christmas miracle!” Then he modified his statement. “Since Chris found him, it’s a Chris-mas miracle.” We all laughed and took Turtle back to his tank. We’re not sure how he escaped being crushed by the boys, who had rearranged and shaken all the presents under the tree at least three times that day. Needless to say, Mike and I felt relieved that our 2-inch charge had reappeared–and in grand, holiday style.  Turtle (2)


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Gayla Peevey’s Hippo Song…Still Going!

I’m always honored to write another article about Gayla Peevey.  This one was published in Outlook Magazine Dec 2017 (see link). After it came out, I escorted Gayla and her family to the Oklahoma City Zoo’s Sing-a-Long.  You’ll see a teaser that the Zoo planned to make a “big” announcement.  As you might have guessed– we got a new hippopotamus for Christmas this year, and Gayla was on-hand to welcome her second hippo in her lifetime~Amy

Photo provided by Gayla Peevey

“I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas….”

What is it about this chipper little song that has stood the test of time? Oklahoma radio stations have kept the song alive for 64 years because of its distinctly historical roots. It was sung by an Oklahoma child-star, Gayla Peevey. She presented such a darling request that the community jumped on a promotional band wagon to actually buy Gayla a hippo! The Oklahoma City Zoo gladly accepted the responsibility of caring for Mathilda for the next fifty years.

But it takes more than a good back story for a song to reach the status of American holiday classic. The song’s original artist, Gayla Peevey Henderson, has her own insight into the song’s longevity. “The hippo song is a well-written, well-constructed song. The arrangement, the storyline and everything about it was quality. That’s why it’s stood the test of time.”

In the last 10 years, the song has not only seen a resurgence, it’s become a pop culture presence. Hallmark can’t keep its annual hippo ornaments, which play the song, on the shelf. A growing number of modern artists, including Kasey Musgraves and LeAnn Rimes, have recorded the song. In December, the hippo song is one of the most highly-downloaded holiday ringtones on iTunes. The United States Postal Service used the song in their holiday advertising campaign last year, which ranked as the #2 National Television Commercial by Billboard.

“All of a sudden, the song got rediscovered,” Gayla said. “I started getting calls from DJs around the world–Canada, Ireland, Great Britain, and Australia–claiming it as the most popular Christmas song on the air.” (This line was cut from the published version, for spacing)

Gayla Peevey with 2017 hippo merchandise at the OKC Zoo. Photo by A Stephens.

The song’s resurgence also changed Gayla’s life. For 50 years, she’d pretended that the song had little significance. Most people in her life had no idea she’d sung it as a child. “I didn’t want to be a “has-been” because that felt like being a failure, so I just never mentioned it.”

Following Gayla’s hit song, Columbia Records pigeon-holed her into singing kiddie songs, like “Kitty in the Basket.” Even Gayla thought they were silly and poorly written. Belting out country songs like “Your Cheatin’ Heart” was how she’d landed on “The Chuckwagon Gang,” a local WKY-TV show, and later, national shows including “Saturday Night Revue” and “The Ed Sullivan Show.”

Gayla’s parents, lacking show business savvy, were overwhelmed by her popularity. They uprooted her to California, and by the time she was an adult, her recording career had ended. Her adult friends had no idea that she’d once performed on stage with Dean Martin, Jimmie Durante, Grace Kelly and the Count Basie Orchestra.

The hippo song, however, continued to live a life without her. In 2007, Gayla was visiting family in Oklahoma and she chanced to meet an Oklahoma City Zoo employee who was aware of her role in securing the zoo’s first hippopotamus. The zoo began planning a live sing-a-Long event for 2011 to celebrate the song’s story. Gayla was nervous that no one would show up to see her, but a large, enthusiastic crowd arrived, and Gayla was surprised by the long line for autographs.

Gayla Peevey and Amy Stephens, Dec 9, 2017 at the OKC Zoo ZooZeum.

This year, the zoo is again hosting Gayla for a live sing-a-long on Saturday, December 9th. Gayla will perform and share her memories of receiving a 700-pound Christmas gift in 1953. Afterward, attendees are invited to meet Gayla in person and view artifacts from her personal history. Gayla will also be sharing a big announcement on behalf of the zoo.

“After an ordinary life, this is like stepping back in time. I’ve been so rejuvenated to know that people remember my connection to the zoo. It’s a happy, positive, joyful song to be remembered by, and I now treasure that.”


To view Outlook Magazine Article: http://www.outlookoklahoma.com/articles/m.blog/52/everybody-s-favorite-christmas-hippo-song

To visit Gayla’s official site: http://iwantahippopotamusforchristmas.net/gayla-peevey

Other Gayla articles by Amy: https://amydeestephens.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=618&action=edit

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Christmas Celebrity Coming to OKC

"I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" album cover. Image used with permission from Sony Entertainment, for the purposes of advertising this event.

What an honor to coordinate this historic event—the return of singer, Gayla Peevey, to the Oklahoma City Zoo!  Don’t recognize the name?  Maybe you’ll recognize her song “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.”   ~Amy


 When Gayla Peevey, a 10-year-old Oklahoma City singer, recorded, “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas,” she made more than just music history. She soon found herself as spokesperson for a campaign that would eventually bring a real hippo to the zoo—just in time for Christmas! 

In December 1953, with half a million copies sold, Gayla’s song became a best-selling Christmas hit.”  Zoo Director, Julian Frazier, decided to capitalize on the momentum of the popular song by granting Gayla’s request for a Christmas hippo; Gayla would then gift the hippo to the zoo so that all Oklahoma City children could enjoy it. 

Thus began the Gayla Peevey Hippo Fund.  Children sent in their pennies, and a few days before Christmas, the final $3,000 was raised to purchase Mathilda, a 2-year-old hippo from Central Park Zoo. 

Mathilda arrived by plane on Christmas Eve.  Gayla presented the hippo to the zoo before climbing to the top of the crate to see Mathilda released into her new home, where she would live for the next 45 years.  To this day, “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” remains a favorite holiday song—especially to Oklahomans. 

 This holiday season, the Oklahoma City Zoo’s ZooZeum will feature a new museum exhibit “A Hippo for Christmas.”  It runs from Nov 20th to the end of January 2012.  See Gayla’s broadcast on the Ed Sullivan show, the original record album, and artwork by Gayla Peevey herself.  Mathilda the Hippo merchandise is available in the ZooZeum gift shop. 

Event Details:

Date: Sunday, November 20, 2011 / 1:53 p.m.
Event: “I Want A Hippopotamus” Sing-Along and Meet N’ Greet with Gayla Peevey
Info: Join us for a festive time as we sing “I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas” with Gayla Peevey, the song’s recording artist, in the Zoo’s Global Plaza at 1:53 p.m. on Sunday, November 20. Following the crooning celebration, guests can meet Gayla Peevey who will be at the ZooZeum from 2:30 to 4:00 p.m. The sing-along does not require admission.  A dance routine has also been choreographed for those interested.  The routine is available on the zoo’s Facebook page.  Regular admission required for the meet and greet at the ZooZeum. Come on, and sing-along!


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